How EAG Recycling Facilitates Sustainability

A Sustainable Future

Sustainability is at the core of everything EAG Recycling does — that’s why we’re your ideal partner for 'A Sustainable Future'

Sustainability is a complex concept that encompasses environmental, social and financial aspects into any given process. To fully appreciate and address the challenges that come with e-waste management for a sustainable future, we must consider all of these factors and the interplay among them. EAG Recycling looks at sustainability holistically from all sides. Where most companies in our industry focus on one or the other, EAG Recycling is equally strong in both reuse and recycling services, a reflection of our commitment to providing robust solutions that thoroughly address the far-reaching impact of e-waste on our planet.

Carbon Reduction | Measuring Your Impact

The reuse, refurbishment and recycling of electronics has been documented to have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

The long-lasting use of electronic goods and their complete recycling as soon as possible when their life ends not only supports the process of producing new products, but also stops electronic waste from growing in an avalanche. The reuse of recycled-repaired electronics provides less carbon emissions.

EAG Recycling’s approach: more impactful, more effective

EAG Recycling solves this problem with its own unique approach.EAG Recycling supports its customers with accurate measurements and processes regarding the reduction of carbon use resulting from customers' reuse, renewal and recycling activities.

Social Giving

EAG Recycling strives to have a positive social impact through charitable giving and donations of IT assets to those in need. No matter which aspects of sustainability you value the most, EAG Recycling values them all equally when deploying solutions for your organization. Our clients support charitable organizations, and any cause important to our clients is important to EAG Recycling.

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