PCB Recycling

Which PCBs Do We Recycle?

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are obtained by arranging electronic components (Capacitor, Resistor, Transformer, Integrated, Processor etc.) All of the PCBs listed below are recycled by EAG RECYCLING.

* Computer Motherboards,

* Modem, Hub, Switch Cards,

* Switchboard Cards,

* Pos Device Cards,

* Server Cards,

* Cell Phone Cards,

* Wireless and Wireless Phone Cards,

* Medical Device Cards,

* LCD TV Cards,

* Copier, Printer, Scanner, Plotter, Offset Machines etc. Equipment Cards,

* Slot Processor Cards,

* Satellite Receivers (Receiver, Decoder), DVD - Blueray Player etc. cards

* Aircraft Electronic Circuit Boards,

* Automobile Electronic Circuit Boards,

Contact us for more detailed information:

Phone Number : 0 212 606 03 24

E-mail : e-atik@eag.com.tr