EAG Truck Fleet is at Your Service

Electronic Waste and Hazardous Wastes are transported by our truck and/or pickup truck fleet with Hazardous Waste Transportation License, with our drivers and expert transportation teams holding Pisikotechnics, SRC and ADR (Hazardous Waste Transportation Certificate) Documents.

It is ensured that services such as creating Waste Management Plans for all your wastes from your company, determining Licensed Facilities and Dispatching Wastes to Facilities are carried out in the most efficient and minimum cost.

In our waste shipping/waste transportation processes, the 'Transport Number' automatically generated via MoTAT is used. (Before 5 January 2021, UATF (Printed National Waste Transport Form) was used.

Contact us for more detailed information:

Phone Number : 0 212 606 03 24

E-mail : e-atik@eag.com.tr