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Recycle your e-waste with EAG and be a part of the more sustainable world!

EAG has been turning e-waste into profit and solving the environmental impacts of new products before they happen!

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EAG's Mission

“Companies must invent sustainable materials to build the world”

Humanity has made great leaps forward in sustainable energy generation and transportation. We have invented and proliferated electronic devices to every corner of the globe and lifted billions of people out of poverty and into the information age.But this also caused a lot of electronic waste. E-waste poses a huge risk to humans, animals, and the environment.

We have been trying to solve this problem! Join our community to be with us on this mission!

What Do We Recycle?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Accumulator Wastes




Ups Accumulators

Small Appliance Wastes

Small Appliance Wastes

Air conditioners/fans,



IT Wastes



Desktops/Laptops,Desktop Cases, Monitors/TVs, Phones, Switchboards, Servers, Modems, Adapters, Faxes/Copiers..etc

Consumer Equipment Wastes

Consumer Equipment Wastes

Televisions, Stereo equipments, digital/video cameras, radios..etc

Metal Wastes



Iron, Copper, Aluminum

Production Wastes



Motors, Electrical Panels, Electronic Components

Toner & Cartridge Wastes

Toner & Cartridge Wastes

All types of toners & cartridges

Cable Wastes



Electrical Cables & Network Cables

Licences & Certificates

EAG has been solving e-waste recycling problem with national and global permissions.

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We are trusted by over 1000 clients.

Leading firms, companies and foundations in Turkey have been recycling their electronic wastes with us for 15 years.

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Trusted by Over 1000 Clients

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