E-Waste Recycling

Recycling E-Wastes

Container, Gitterbox (wire cage), Plastic Container and Cardboard Boxes are left free of charge to the enterprises in order to collect electronic waste, classify E-Waste at the source in accordance with the environmental management system, collect them regularly and make them ready for transportation, depending on their waste output capacity.

Classification of electronic waste is done as follows;

  • Large household items (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Small household appliances (vacuum cleaner, toaster etc.)
  • Information and telecommunication devices (all kinds of computers and phones)
  • Entertaining small handicrafts used by the consumer (video camera, musical instruments)
  • Lighting equipment (fluorescent lamps and bulbs etc.)
  • *Electric and electronic tools (drills and saws) excluding large and stationary industrial tools
  • Toys, entertainment and sports equipment (Video games, coin operated machines)
  • *Medical devices (dialysis and analysis equipment)
  • Monitoring and control instruments (thermostats and heat regulators)
  • Vending machines (money and drink vending machines)

E-Waste Generated During Electronic Equipment/Tools Production

Composed of factories producing electrical and electronic equipment; defective/faulty device/equipment, raw material wastage, defective parts coming out of the production line (full and empty PCB boards, cable pieces, metal parts, solder slags, electric coils, transformers, balances, etc.) are completely destroyed by EAG RECYCLING and reported to the waste producer.

Within the scope of the E-Waste Recycling Agreement we made with businesses that generate e-waste, waste collection containers and other collection systems are installed by us free of charge.

E-Waste Resulting from Use

The types of waste that arise as a result of the completion of the useful life of the electrical and electronic equipment owned by personal users and commercial enterprises and the fact that they cannot meet their technological needs are within this scope; The types of waste that are fully recycled and reported to the waste generator by EAG RECYCLING are as follows

Laptop (notebook) or desktop computers, tube monitors (crt monitor), LCD monitors, computer cards (motherboard, sound card, video card, ram, processor), hard disk, keyboard, mouse, CD-DVD-BlueRay readers, printers , fax machines, scanners, copiers, UPS (power supplies), switches, chargers, mobile phones, cordless phones, desk phones, vacuum cleaners, TVs, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, fryers, satellite receivers, electric heaters, electric toys.

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