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Recycling Your Scrap Batteries/Accumulators!

It converts and stores electrical energy into chemical energy, and converts this energy back into electrical energy when necessary; We can briefly call accumulators a kind of direct current source, it is also called accumulator.

The majority of battery types manufactured today are lead-acid batteries, followed by silver-zinc batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Among the usage purposes of batteries, we see Vehicles (Automobile Battery) and Power Sources (UPS).

Batteries that become waste should be recycled in the most environmentally friendly ways. In this way, the recycling of batteries is an important process not only in terms of energy savings and protection of natural resources, but also in terms of reducing the risk of human and environmental health.

EAG Battery Recycle

EAG RECYCLING waste battery and accumulator interim storage activities are carried out by T.C. It continues with the "APAK/Waste Accumulator Temporary Storage" permit issued by the Istanbul Governorship Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization.

EAG RECYCLING, in collecting waste batteries and accumulators; TAP (Portable Battery Manufacturers Association) and All Aküder (All Battery Importers and Manufacturers Association) memberships are available. Based on our membership, "Waste Battery and Accumulator Authorized Collector" certificates have been obtained from us.

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